Specialist in building management

We offer all services needed for proper function of the building - technical management and maitenance mostly of administrative, industrial and businessbuildings, lodging houses storehouses. Each workroom is equipped with tools and mechanism enabling to do properly the required duty in the object in question. The service -ingenieurs have at their disposal necessary measuring apparatases of the lafest type.

16 years
of experience
22 enthusiastic
50 managed

Complete technical building management

Motto security for your house, by this motto, we wish to express our many years standing experiences and solid knowledges (know - how) in the branch of technical building management. Our skilled staff is able to give the required services in conformity with law, standards, prescriptions and operation instructions of manufacturers for technical equipment - that´s the standard of the company ZUCKERSTEIN.

Operation, maintenance and repair of technical devices in the house Operation, maintenance and repair of technical devices in the house

For inst.operation of heating system o lifts o air conditioning o M + R o water piping o drainage with waste water cleaner o gas piping o power electricity o emergency sources of electricity o low-voltage systems incl. o el. fire alarms and security systems o communication systems o etc.

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House services House services

Daily contact with the tenants and ability to solve everydays, affair of current objectś operation, to secure additional services needed for activities of owner or, tenats in object, key service, routine check by going through the object, care of fire-security, ecological liquidation of waste material in conformity with the, local regulation etc.

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Management of energy service Management of energy service

Checking of energy-consumption and seeking the possibility of economy to arrange the contracts and consumption agreements with the suppliers - checking activities - etc.

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Complete economical management Complete economical management

i. e. to be in contact with tenats and to help in solution of current everydays affairs o book keeping o documentation for investment activities o negotiation with state authorities

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Cleaning the building Cleaning the building

i. e. cleaning of common internal areas o cleaning of offices cleaning of external and parking areas ocare of green filling up the hygiene materials odaily cleaning service cleaning of manager´s flats o etc.

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Security service and reception service Security service and reception service

i.e physical security service, information service for visitor, receptiondesk service with knowledge of foreigen languages, supervision of operation in common areas, references for the choise of security systém and suppliers etc.

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Processing of the object's operational documentation Processing of the object's operational documentation

The responsibility for the process in building clearly designated elaboration of documentation required by law and regulations to form the conditions for proper and safety object´s operation to eliminate useless claims from supervisors of fire -brigade, security of works and further state organs.

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Our reference

Presently we manage over 500 properties different types of use, which have more than 200 thousand metres sq. You have only one partner who is ready to také over the resposibility for all services needed for operation of the object. You gain professional company, specialist for complete mangement of buildings. You get the competent service for technological equipment, respecting the respective standards and operation instructions, services, securing the fail safe operation , longer service life and optimum of operation expenses, You gain the company which, being under permanent pressure due to competition, has to increase continuously the qualification of its personnel and keep oneself in step with technical progres and to keep, its " Know-how" up to date. The company which has task to supply qualified and flexibel services, based on team cooperation of several branches active in management of buldings, to the clients , which is ready to do the best service for the owner as well as for tenants of the object. The company has undergone certification under the new standard ČSN EN 9001:2015.

ZUCKERSTEIN®, spol. s r.o.

Tomáš Mužík Tomáš Mužík Chief executive officer muzik@zuckerstein.cz
Marek Bozděch Marek Bozděch Chief technical officer bozdech@zuckerstein.cz
Vladimír Prek Vladimír Prek Chief sales officer prek@zuckerstein.cz

Address Bělohorská 71/245
169 00 - Prague 6

Phone Office: +420 220 513 275
Emergency maintenance: +420 602 696 000

E-mail Secretariat: office@zuckerstein.cz
Acountant: ucetni@zuckerstein.cz

IČO Identification number: 26473721
Data box: y47ddeh

GPS GPS: 50°5'0.6"N,14°22'13.05"E

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